It all started when…

After years in the cybersecurity industry, member-manager of Kelpie Security, Jeff Kiple, saw first-hand the need for more robust risk mitigation and prevention services in small and medium businesses. Cyberattacks often left small businesses crippled with no chance of recovery, and almost always, the attacks came with no warning.

There was a shocking lack of affordable and effective cybersecurity solutions in the space, and so, Kelpie Security was born.

Cybersecurity threats are no match for Kelpie security. Armed with years of technical training and hands-on experience in the cybersecurity space, Kelpie Security knows how to prevent attacks before they happen.

Unlike the myth of the Kelpie monster, cyberattacks are a very real and growing threat to individuals and small and medium businesses. Don’t be a victim, prioritize cybersecurity before it’s too late.